Social Justice Advocates is closed beginning September 3, 2019. It will be closed until at least September 2021. Please check back for updates. Celeste will be in the role of Statewide Kinship Care Legal Aid Coordinator at the King County Bar Association until at least June 30, 2021.

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Below is a list of family law firms and legal technicians who are dedicated to providing affordable legal services.

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About Social Justice Advocates

Social Justice Advocates was founded in 2012 by Celeste E. Miller. Its mission is to close the access to justice gap by providing affordable legal services to clients who are ineligible for free legal aid due to their income level, but are among the growing demographic of people who cannot afford traditional legal services.

In Washington State, only 12 percent of people eligible for free legal help actually receive it. This is due to lack of funding for free legal services. Traditional legal services can cost up to $700/hour, with the average cost hovering around $200/hour. A large part of Washington’s population cannot afford to pay for traditional legal services.

Social Justice Advocates provides traditional and alternative legal help, with a variety of payment options that factor in the client’s income, ability to pay, payment plans, and clients’ individual needs in their type of case.

Social Justice Advocates focuses primarily on family law, including domestic violence protection orders and non-parental custody. If a potential client’s issue is related to some other area of law, Social Justice Advocates may be able to provide a referral to other attorneys who can help that potential client.